Arabikicha 2g stick packets (20 individual packets)


A quick and convenient version of our popular Arabikicha. The sticks are easily transported in a purse, car, gym bag, etc. 1 stick is the perfect amount for a typical 16.9 oz water bottle.


Arabikicha is a high-grade Ryokucha powder that can be used for making hot or iced tea. It is also easy to add to recipes for a nice green tea flavor.

Never has green tea been this easy and convenient. All you need is water, something to drink out of, and our arabikicha. Add the amount of arabikicha you like to your water, then shake or stir it until it has dissolved. It’s that easy!

It’s not complicated. While matcha is sold in varying grades from ceremonial down to culinary, our arabikicha only has one grade, and that is the highest. We use our first flush, shaded (kabuse) leaves.

One of the benefits of arabikicha is that you are consuming the entire leaf which provides you with more essential minerals than if you were to drink a cup of brewed tea.

Arabikicha comes with a 2 g spoon for easy usage.

Taste: Umami

Body: Light

Harvest: First flush (April)

Cultivar: Mixed

Origin: Osumi Peninsula

Cultivation: Shaded

Processing: Steamed, Dried, Ground

Weight: .07ozX20 (2gX20)


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