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Tea Farm Location Shooting

With over 270 hectares of tea fields and an extensive network of tea farmers you will be sure to find the shot you are looking for. We have experience working with various types of clients who need film and photography of tea fields and factories. Whether you are looking for some simple photo shoots, or looking for a place to shoot a motion picture we can assist you in many ways. So come and visit the beautiful Osumi peninsula and see the beauty it has to offer.

What we can provide for you:

  • Staff with experience with film, photography and drones that can assist you with equipment needs and answer questions in English and Japanese.
  • Over 270 hectares of tea fields with many different backdrops.
  • 3 state of the art tea factories including the largest family owned tea factory in Japan.
  • A tea house where you can film traditional tea ceremonies.
  • Traditional tea garments, tools and accessories.
  • An indoor staging area.

Example video of location shooting.

Examples of previous location shootings:

BTV Television Segment

SBS Television Segment

To arrange a tea farm location shooting please fill out the contact form below.