KAKUHORI Premium Tea Line


Kakuhori is our newest line of select teas that are premium quality.



Throughout history teas has been bringing people together. And in the present day that tradition still exists. Since our founding over 70 years ago, Wakoen, a tea specialty store, continues to deliver products direct from our tea farms, to everyone’s hands. We hope that you will enjoy the deliciousness and enjoyment of tea made on the Osumi Peninsula (Shibushi City, Kagoshima), which is rich in nature and culture. The story of tea begins in the tea fields.

Our Founder



The “Kakuhori” brand, derives from the name “Kagoshima Horiguchi Tea”, which is our production department, with the theme of “vast tea fields on the ground like fluffy clouds in the sky”. We started it with the hope that it will be an opportunity for everyone to become more familiar with the single-origin loose-leaf tea made from our tea fields, which we could not meet with existing product lines so far. Focusing on the deep-steamed tea that we have consistently made, we will also challenge new tea varieties that take advantage of the characteristics of the individual cultivar.

2nd and 3rd Generation

Product introduction


Sae-midori Sencha 30g

[Type] Sencha

[Characteristics] Uses a balanced cultivar from Osumi, Kagoshima Prefecture. In order to make the fragrance stand out, we made a light steamed green that is characterized by a refreshing scent and soft taste that was cultivated in the open fields. It is characterized by the gentle aroma and refreshing taste of tea.

Winner of the 2020 Japanese Tea Selection Paris Silver Award.


Yutaka-Midori Fukamushicha 30g

[Type] Fukamushicha (deep-steamed)

[Characteristics] Uses Yutaka-midori, a variety from Osumi, Kagoshima Prefecture. A strong taste with a mellow finish created by shading and deep steaming. It features a balance between a rich taste and light astringency.


Sae-midori Fukamushicha 30g

[Type] Fukamushicha (deep-steamed)

[Characteristics] Uses a balanced cultivar from Osumi, Kagoshima Prefecture. It has a more mellow taste than ordinary sencha. Please enjoy the difference in taste with Yutaka-midori.


Okumidori Kamairicha 30g

[Type] Kamairicha (pan-fried)

[Characteristics] Uses the cultivar Okumidori from Osumi, Kagoshima Prefecture. It is a tea that retains the fragrant taste and aroma of Kamairicha, which has long been popular as a traditional home-style method of making Japanese tea.

Winner of the 2021 Great Taste 3-star award & 2020 Japanese Tea Selection Paris Bronze Award.


Hojicha “Refreshing Sweetness” 20g

[Type] Hojicha

[Characteristics] Uses soft stems that are carefully selected from the teas we produce in Osumi, Kagoshima Prefecture, and are produced only in small reserve batches. It is a tea that stands out for its refreshing sweetness and aroma.


Asatsuyu Fukamushicha 30g

[Type] Fukamushicha (deep-steamed)

[Charateristics] Sweet flavor and aroma with little to no astringency. The color is a crisp blue-green. Winner of 2021 Gold at Japanese Tea Selection Paris.


Benifuuki Oolong Tea 20g

[Type] Oolong Tea

[Charateristics] Crisp oolong tea using the Benifuuki cultivar in Makurazaki city, Kagoshima prefecture specifically for black and oolong teas.

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Sae-midori Sencha 30g, Yutaka-Midori Fukamushicha 30g, Sae-midori Fukamushicha 30g, Okumidori Kamairicha 30g, Hojicha “Refreshing Sweetness” 20g, Asatsuyu Fukamushicha 30g, Benifuuki Oolong 20g, Benifuuki Black 20g


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