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Houjicha tortillas and Yashuhisa-isms

Today, with the power of the internet and social media, new ideas and creations can be spread around the world with the click of a button. But before the rise of the internet, new ideas and creations were spread by the minds of great leaders. Our chairman, Yasuhisa Horiguchi was one of those great leaders. In an attempt to create new ideas and creations he set a foundation of excelence that he called “Yasuhisa-isms”. What are Yasuhisa-isms? Here are the 5 pillars that led to years of new ideas and creations at our small family-run farm.


Chairman Yasuhisa Horiguchi and current president Daisuke Horiguchi




Think outside the box for new & ingenuitive ideas


Let’s constantly improve, don’t give up if you can’t


Think before taking hasteful actions


First and foremost, let’s act with a plan


Try new ideas, new methods


By following these 5 rules in your daily life, one is certain to become more creative and increase their ingenuity.


So what does any of this have to do with houjicha tortillas? That is a great question. Living out in the country with little access to resources, one needs to make their own solutions to solve their own problems. As an avid lover of tacos, but no access to tortillas, I needed to learn how to make my own. And it started pretty horribly. My first few batches were full of holes and would fall apart. But I never gave up. I tried through trial and error different methods and adding tweaks of my own. Recipes just weren’t working so I had to think out of the box to find ways to make it work. As the batches started getting better, I started using (arabikicha)[Link to Product] which made a beautiful green tortilla that was packed with all the vitamins and minerals the tea comes with. I was pretty happy with my progress, but always thinking outside the box I thought “Hmm, I wonder how these would taste with houjicha powder instead..” and what I got was the best tea-tortilla thus far!


Home made Houjicha Tortillas


[Houjicha powder](Link to Product) tortillas have a special taste to them. The roasted tea is really apparent in the tortilla, and the fragrance blends to create a really interesting and new sensation to the old and familiar  sensation I was used to. I made tacos as well as quesadillas and I am very happy with them. So my question to you is “How can you use Yasuhisa-isms to become more creative and increase your ingenuity?” What will you create, and how will it better your life and possibly the world? Please let me know in the comments. And next time you are making tortillas, maybe add some houjicha so you can experience houjicha tortillas yourself!

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