Genmaicha with Matcha (Matchairi Genmaicha) 200g


Genmaicha is one of Japan’s most popular teas made by mixing green tea leaves with roasted rice. This Genmaicha with added matcha gives a more mellow flavor than normal genmaicha.



Genmaicha is a mellow blend of roasted and puffed brown rice grains and green tea that has been well-loved in Japan for centuries.

Our Genmaicha Matcha-iri is a wonderful blend of green tea, puffed brown rice, and Matcha. The Matcha powder lightly coats the Sencha leaves and rice, adding a fresh and mellow taste. Due to the rice, this tea has the rich and hearty flavor often described as “nutty” but with the freshness of Matcha and Sencha. It is very well balanced, full-flavored, and smooth.
With added Matcha, it becomes more mellow and its brewed water is light green color like Gyokuro’s.

Genmaicha Matcha – iri is enjoyed as a popular everyday tea in Japan, so we have priced it just right for your everyday enjoyment!


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